About us

ORKO SK is the manufacturer and the supplier of pneumatic pipe plugs for water supply and sewer systems operations.

ORKO SK is specialised both in blocking plugs and bypass plugs as well. ORKO SK sealing plugs are designed to close the inside of pipes during emergency repairs and work of water mains, sewage systems and heat networks. The patented design allows you to close pipes with a fluid pressure of up to 12 bar.

The ORKO SK series of sealing plugs makes it possible to reliably close pipes with a diameter of from 40 and 1600 mm. The plugs are provided with a valve for compressing the casing with compressed air, with a mounting or a staple attached there to and with an eye for fixing the sealing plug in the duct when discharging the compressed air from the casing and leaving the accumulated water behind. The valve, hook and heavy duty eyebolts are made of stainless steel.

The reinforced materials are used to produce ORKO SK sealing plugs. This ensures their high durability and long service life. For greater convenience in use, all plugs are equipped with a quick-disconnect valve for compressed air filling and an extension hose that allows the bag to be filled from the air at a distance and control the working pressure.