Rubber-cord pneumatic plugs

ORKO SK pneumatic plugs are designed to isolate the work area from the rest of the pipeline with a diameter of up to 1.6 meters with a liquid or gaseous medium under pressure. Plugs shut off the pipeline in a few minutes, ensuring the environmental cleanliness of the work site.

ORKO SK pipe plugs are the best solution when fast and reliable sealing of pipes of various types is required. The big advantage of the sealing plugs is the high working pressure - 4 bar and high overpressure in the pipe - at least 1.5 bar.

The plugs produced by ORKO SK are used in various fields:

  • Sealing of sewer pipelines during repair or maintenance
  • Elimination of wastewater flow during emergency pipe breaks and flooding
  • Sewer inspection, sewer cleaning

Due to it's many applications, ORKO SK pneumatic plugs are used in various industries, such as utilities, construction, mining, water management, oil production and refining.




Patented shapes of rubber lugs to seal pipes and hold the plug even at high pressures.



All plugs have at least a triple margin of safety. Each plug passes a multistage quality control and fully tested.



100% complete sealing of pipelines, the ability to seal pipes even with surface defects up to 3 mm high.



Multi-layered plugs design provides strength and durability, stainless steel connections ensure long product life.